How is the anonymity and safety of the data maintained? 

For both your school and us as researchers, it is important that the data are processed securely and anonymously. The safety and anonymity of your students are our top priorities.

All research data are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and processed anonymously. The project complies with the requirements of the new European privacy legislation (GDPR). This means that we will actively seek consent from both the school and parents for participation in the study.

The students' data are encrypted and securely stored. This is done in collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and Blisss, a software company with extensive experience in data management.

It will be impossible to identify individual students from the collected research data, meaning that students' privacy is protected. The data will be used solely for (scientific) research purposes. Participation in the research is entirely voluntary. The data of students will only be stored if parents have provided consent through a consent form.

The results in reports and publications cannot be traced back to individual schools, classes, or students.

If you have any further questions or comments about how we safeguard the privacy of students and the school, please email