This research project is initiated by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, ProDemos: House for Democracy and the Rule of Law, and the University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (see Organisations). Together with policymakers, international scholars, and politicians, we aim to investigate the development of democratic values among young people.

Research Team

The research is carried out by the University of Amsterdam. These researchers ensure a well-executed conduct of the study:

Prof. dr. Geert ten Dam (Educational Sciences)
Prof. dr. Tom van der Meer (Political Science)
Prof. dr. Herman van de Werfhorst (Sociology)
Laura Mulder
Hester Mennes
Jaap van Slageren
Sara Geven
Twan Huijsmans
Michelle Rosmalen
Boris van den Berg
Sandy Kempen
Carmen van Alebeek