What does participation mean for your child?

When your child's school participates in our study, the students in the classroom will complete a questionnaire. The questions cover different topics within the broader theme of democracy and politics, such as what students think about freedom of speech and whether they intend to vote in the future. The questions are answered on tablets provided by the researchers. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes.

If your child's school participates, you will receive an information letter from us. We will also ask for your permission to use your child's data for scientific research.

Your child's data will be completely anonymous. The answers can never be traced back to your child in the reports and will only be used for scientific research. It is also impossible for the researchers to see which answer belongs to which child.

To monitor the development of democratic values among young people, we will repeat the research annually. This means that we will administer the questionnaire to your child for multiple years over the course of their school career. The school is asked to provide consent each year to participate in the study.

More information about the privacy of your child can be found here.

If you have any further questions or comments about the research or privacy, you can contact the researchers via info@adks.nl.