For students

The Dutch Adolescent Panel on Democratic Values (DAPDV) is a large-scale research project involving young people throughout the Netherlands. It is conducted by researchers from the University of Amsterdam on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, in collaboration with ProDemos and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research. In this research project, we aim to understand how young people perceive democracy, politics, and society, and whether their perspectives change over time. We also examine the role of schools in shaping these perspectives.

To investigate this, we administer annual questionnaires to adolescents across the Netherlands. Your participation plays an important role in this research. Without your opinion, we would miss crucial information for improving citizenship education in the Netherlands.

If you are 16 years or older, you can provide consent for participation in the research project yourself. If you choose to participate, we will send you a digital questionnaire once a year until 2024. You can decide each time whether you want to take part. We handle your answers to the questionnaire with strict confidentiality and anonymity. This means that your answers can never be traced back to you in the reports. It also means that your answers will only be used for scientific research. The researchers cannot see who provided which answers. Your name is securely stored separately to verify your consent for participation and to link your answers across different years. However, researchers will never see your name in combination with your answers.

Furthermore, you can withdraw from participating in the project at any time by sending an email to

If you have any questions or concerns about the research or privacy, you can contact the researchers via or the Data Protection Officer of the University of Amsterdam via