Finally! The start of our data collection

Dear all,

Today, Monday 8 October, marks the start of an important and exciting period for DAPDV.  Tomorrow, data collection will begin. As seen in the photos, the past period has mainly been focused on installing the tablets on which we will administer the questionnaire, testing the questionnaire on these tablets, and working out the logistics. How do we get 100 tablets to a different school every day? We also started wondering how we could charge this many tablets, what the best means of transportation is, and who needs to be present at which school and when.

All the tablets are ready for use as we speak. Blisss software has designed a beautiful questionnaire for us, which we are very proud of and has been thoroughly tested. We have also hired 12 capable student assistants who will travel throughout the Netherlands to administer the questionnaires at our schools.

We have purchased MIFI devices that allow us to administer the questionnaires online in a secure manner, and an installation will be set up for charging 100 tablets simultaneously.

In short, we are ready!

Today, on Monday 8 October, we will continue with the final touches for a bit. Exciting! But we are looking forward to the upcoming period!


DAPDV     – Frank

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